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MEET the founder


​​I AM A Speaker, Coach and Author

My name is Felicia Joyner, and I'm the founder of TekBizTranslations. With over 25 years of experience in the tech industry, I have empowered thousands of tech professionals, or 'Tekkies', to excel and advance in their careers. My expertise in salary negotiation and showcasing the value tech professionals bring to their organizations sets me apart. I'm currently expanding my reach through a book, various speaking engagements, and a formal coaching practice, impacting Tekkies worldwide."


​I AM A Tekie Alchemist 

Felicia works with technical people (Business analysts, Project Managers, developers, Product Owners, Agilists and more.) She enables technical people to transform their talent into gold, i.e. success for clients.


Alastair Vance

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It was an absolute pleasure to work with Felicia at Almac. From the day she started, she was able to jump straight in to a complicated project and ramp up very quickly. She was able to deal with the many changes coming her way and document them in detail. She is very involved in the business analyst community in the triangle and I'm sure our paths will cross again one day.

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